Review: 7 days in Taiwan with Ownrides


My family had been planning a Taipei trip for quite some time, but it only materialized last April. Travelling with is our lola (grandmother), who has a hard time walking long distances, so we knew we had to book tours for convenience.

We had about 8 days in Taiwan including the day of our flight out. We wanted to maximize this and visit at least 2-3 cities. However, we didn’t find package tours that fitted our needs and budget.

In my intense research, I found Ownrides, which was kind of like uber, where you get a private car and driver, and customize your tour itinerary for the day. You pre-book your tour online, wait for your driver on the day itself, and pay your driver at the end of the trip.

I was hesitant at first because it seems like not a lot of people have used this service, but I decided to trust the reviews I found online cause it seemed like our best option for this trip.


Step 1: Building our itinerary

Since we had seven days, we wanted to book tours for all seven days. We wanted to visit Taipei, Taichung, and maybe even Alishan. My mom messaged Ownrides, and they helped us build our itinerary and customize the existing tours. We communicated via their messaging on their website and via email. They were very responsive to our queries and gave suggestions on our itinerary.


Step 2: Book your tours

Ownrides already has existing tours for you to book. You choose one and customize it to your liking. You could also build from scratch but we found just customizing easier. For example, we booked the Taipei City tour for our first day. Only, we removed Ximending because we were already staying in that area.

Booking only takes a few steps:

(1) Create an account

(2) Choose and customize your tours

(3) Pick a car suited to your needs

(4) Choose between an English or Chinese speaking driver. An English-speaking driver has an additional 300 TWD payment.

(5) Book and pay the downpayment online. The balance will be paid in local currency to your driver at the end of the day.

Step 3: Enjoy your tours!

We absolutely enjoyed the convenience of Ownrides. Everyday at 9am our drivers were outside our hotel and we just hopped on our tours. We had 3 drivers throughout our stay, and it was great because all three of them were really friendly and went the extra mile for our comfort. Of course, they also knew local restaurants and perfect photo spots! 😄

The main reason I did this post was that I didn’t find a lot of detailed reviews online. (I am not paid for this, okay. haha) Personally,  I think this is not the cheapest option out there, and I would still love to travel via a country’s public transportation. However, I think this service is worth trying if you’re travelling in a bigger group, and if you’re really after convenience like us, traveling with a senior citizen or with small children.  Or if commuting is not really your thing. I do hope this helps in any way! 🙂

Our arrival in Taipei was around noon, so we didn’t book a tour for the first day. We explored on our own and went to Elephant Trail and Raohe Night Market. Do check out our first day in Taipei in the coming posts! And please feel free to leave questions, comments or anything! 🙂


Check out these posts for our tour with Ownrides! :


  1. Hi there I to went to Taipei for three weeks and used ownrides three times mainly for transfer from place to place with a tour thrown in on the way!! Yes it was a great way to see the taiwan !thanks for your review ! I am heading to Korea this year and hope there is something similar ! Regulates joe-Ann !!!


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