Day 2: Taipei City Tour (part 2)

The first half of our day was spent touring iconic and monumental structures. The latter half of our day’s itinerary included: National Palace Museum, Shilin Residence and Shilin Night Market.

After lunch at Taipei 101, we headed to National Palace Museum. I’ve visited this museum during my first time in Taiwan last year, but I appreciated it better this time because I bought an audio guide.

Per their website, the museum is open daily, from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. Entrance to the museum is 350 NTD, while the audio guide is 150 NTD.  Please note that this entrance fee is not included in the Ownrides tour. 

Personally, I think I’ve been to more memorable museums, but the exhibits were extremely intricate and showed us a good glimpse of Chinese culture. The audio guide really helped a lot as well. I do think that joining free tours would give so much more appreciation for the museum. You could check out how to join one in their website.

My cousins and lola were not really fans of museums, so we only spent about two hours here. We were too early for the night market so we asked our driver if he could bring us to another attraction nearby. He suggested the Shilin Residence or Chiang Kai Shek’s former residence. We were glad he took us there because it was really really nice. We spent most of our time enjoying the gardens. There was no entrance fee for the grounds, and there were a lot of people visiting.

IMG20180426160102 (768x1024)

IMG20180426155711 (768x1024)

Final stop off the day was Shilin Night Market. This was our drop-off point and we had to commute home, otherwise we would have to pay our driver overtime. We paid Stanley the rest of our balance for the day before he dropped us off.

Shilin night market for me was quite big and confusing, and the food was really a hit or miss. But we didn’t do a lot of shopping, and stuck to the food. hehe.

There’s a basement foodcourt here in this night market, but personally I’d recommend that you just explore the stalls outside for better variety (and actually, even taste) of food. Oh, and Stanley says to never buy fruits in Shilin Night Market. They’re much more expensive than usual. 😉

That’s it for Day 2! Our Taipei City Tour with Ownrides went really well, and I don’t think we would have been able to visit all the places we visited if we went via public commute. We loved how Stanley, our driver, was super friendly and accommodating, and even included Shilin Residence in our itinerary because we still had time. The car was also very comfortable and fit us all in quite nicely. So far so good!

Next up: Yehliu, Jiufen and Shifen tour. 😀



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