Day 5- Taichung City Tour

It is our fifth day in Taiwan, and we are leaving Taipei! We are heading to Taichung, and will be staying there for the rest of our stay here in Taiwan. For today we have a new Ownrides driver, and he will be taking us from Taipei to Taichung, as well as tour us around Taichung City.

Our itinerary for our Taichung tour included Gaomei Wetlands, Zhongshe Flower Market, Rainbow Village and Miyahara.ย 

First up was Gaomei Wetlands, aaaaaaand unfortunately we didn’t see much. There were only a few birds in sight, and there wasn’t quite much of a view.


IMG20180429110022 (768x1024)

Next we headed to Zhongshe Flower Market, where we actually had a great time! The air was super fresh, and there was a cool breeze as we walked. I’m not much of a flower person but the colors just looked so vibrant and I enjoyed this place a lot.

Entrance fee is NTD 150. However, if you want to have lunch here as well, there is a barbecue restaurant at the entrance which will cost you NTD 350 each, and includes entrance to the flower farm.

31950445_10213644389121960_10739935090835456_nIMG20180429121658 (768x1024)IMG20180429122131 (768x1024)

IMG20180429121328 (768x1024)

IMG20180429125126 (768x1024)

I must say that I’m really happy that we included this in our itinerary, because all of us loved and enjoyed this place, even beyond the picture-taking. I’ve seen some flower farms in Benguet, and somehow I could see that we also have potential for this kind ofย  tourism, with the right planning. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Fun story, after Zhongshe Flower Market we had lunch at a local restaurant, where there were absolutely no English translations, and our driver was our only lifeline. I personally got pretty scared because only we and one group of mafia-looking (and sounding) men were there, and when we arrived they were seemingly telling us to go transfer to another table…and eventually we did. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ ๐Ÿ˜ฎ The food was yummy, though. Haha!

After lunch we went to Rainbow Village, which was a “veterans village”, or housing given to soldiers. This particular village was supposed to be demolished, but one of the residents Mr. Huang started to paint the houses one by one, and eventually demolition was stopped and it became of one of the attractions in Taichung.

31958818_10213644388041933_830597360231907328_nIMG20180429150500 (768x1024)


31945799_10213644388761951_1487633657513377792_n (2)

The whole village was kind of small, only a few houses, actually, but the details were pretty amazing. The whole place was super instagrammable. Haha. Plus, we were fortunate enough to have met Mr.Huang himself! ๐Ÿ™‚

We left Rainbow Village after an hour or so, and our final destination for the tour was Miyahara, a popular place in Taichung for pastries, cookies, ice cream and other snacks.


I must admit that the place is beautiful, but at this time we had no patience for an unbelievably long line for ice cream, and the snacks were kind of expensive for us. :))

After Miyahara we headed to our hotel to refresh and rest, getting ready for a night out in Yizhong Night Market. I personally didn’t know what to expect here, because I didn’t see this place much in Taichung itineraries. But we were SUPER happy that we did go here because it was the most fun we had so far in a night market.

The food all tasted awesome, and it had a really chill vibe. It wasn’t too crowded, and the shops really catered to a young crowd.



IMG20180429211159 (768x1024)

That’s it for our Taichung day tour! Taichung is quite a charming city, with city-province feels. Haha. There were parts that looked like a part of Taipei City, but the surrounding areas looked like like it was straight out of a residential neighborhood in an anime. Haha! Best parts of the day for me were Zhongshe Flower Market and Yizhong Night Market, do not miss them! ๐Ÿ™‚

The next day we are going to Sun Moon Lake! Please feel free to leave comments, suggestions or anything! ๐Ÿ˜€


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