Seoul DIY (Day 3): Haneul Park, Han River, and Namsan Seoul Tower

Today was actually supposed to be the day for our Seoraksan visit. However, we were having a lot of doubts because we were obviously unprepared for the freezing weather. So we basically threw our itinerary away and decided to wing it for today.

IMG_6942 (800x600)

After a recommendation from fellow Filipinos we met during breakfast, we decided to go to Haneul Park. We knew nothing of the park except that it was beautiful and they showed us pictures they took the day before. We skipped the subway this time (because seriously, our feet ached from all the transfers). and took Bus 271 from Dongmyo to World Cup Park Complex. We got completely lost and found Haneul park with the help of an old man who spoke zero English. :))

Haneul Park sits on a former landfill, and is now an ecological park. Autumn is a very good season to go, as the silver grass or eulalia is in full bloom. In fact, there is a Silver Grass festival held each October. We rode the shuttle going up to the park, for 3,000 won roundtrip.

IMG_20171123_105904 (800x600)

The whole park gives you fantastic views of the city and the surrounding mountains, but the park in itself is calmly beautiful, and is great for photos. šŸ˜‰

IMG_6968 (800x600)
Now this looks like a scene from a disaster movie. Haha!
IMG_7019 (800x600)
We’re not really good at taking pretty pictures. hehe
IMG_20171123_102443 (800x600)
IMG_20171123_110653 (800x600)
IMG_20171123_113819 (800x600)

When we went, there were a few visitors only, probably cause it was freezing cold. We went to the visitor center to look for some snacks, and we ended up writing letters because there was snail mail! or slow mailbox as they call it. šŸ™‚ They only send letters from the park on Seollal and Chuseok holidays.

IMG_20171123_113804 (800x600)
Here’s hoping our letters would reach us! We bought postcards at the visitor center, and just followed the instructions of the grandmas there. or at least what we understood šŸ˜‰

After Haneul Park I had this crazy idea of visiting Han River because I like waterfront developments. So we travelled via bus again and sadly, I didn’t enjoy it that much. It was FREEZING. Nobody else was walking around, and going to and from buildings was just punishment. My sister probably wanted to punch me at this point.

IMG_7026 (800x600)
Going to this building from the bus stop took all the willpower we had.

We went back near Dongmyo and had late lunch near our hotel. We had chicken ginseng soup, and spicy chicken with perilla leaves on the side.

IMG_20171123_152513 (800x600)

The old lady spoke zero English, but she was really nice and I’ve watched enough k-drama to understand that she told us to just eat all the kimchi we want. Haha! So far, all the Korean grandmas and grandpas we’ve encountered were all very kind and accommodating. šŸ™‚

In the evening we headed to Namsan Seoul Tower, via Namsan Sunhwan Shuttle Bus which we read about here. We made our way to Chungmuro station and waited for the shuttle bus which came every 15 minutes.

IMG_20171123_192928 (600x800)

We bought discounted tickets to the tower via Klook, and it was great because it was really convenient. There were a lot of people at the observatory at this time, and we had to wait a while before we got a good spot to look at the view.

IMG_20171123_195203 (800x600)
My pics are really low res, but Seoul at night is fantastic to look at!
IMG_20171123_210742 (800x600)
Not sure what coffeenie means. Haha

We closed the night with coffee and bread at a small cafe near our hotel, and were preparing to sleep when…

Bonus of the trip: It snowed!!! šŸ™‚

IMG_7062 (800x600)
IMG_20171123_234442 (600x800)

As people from a tropical country, this was all too exciting. :)) At first we were kind of sad that our trip was at the end of autumn, and at the beginning of winter so both seasons are not at its peak beauty, but it’s super awesome to have seen glimpses of both!


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