Autumn in Korea: Korean Folk Village

This year, my family and I got the chance to visit South Korea again, in time for their beautiful autumn season. We booked a 6-day private tour with Here Korea (will write a review soon!), and for our first day we visited the Korean Folk Village and Suwon Hwaseong Fortress.

In this village, expect to get a glimpse of the Korean way of life way back in the Joseon Dynasty
We got to see different housing types: this one is a commoner’s house! Notice the difference in roofing materials from the structure above, which is inside the governor’s office compound.
This captured my interest because this weird structure houses a water mill.
There was also an area where you could observe traditional crafts, and the typical look of their shops. Yes, that’s an actual person working!
There are also shows showing traditional dances, as well as martial arts and a traditional wedding. We were visiting with a lot of school kids on their field trip, and I could tell that both the kids and us adults enjoyed the shows.
And all of that against the perfect autumn background! I would seriously recommend including this place in your itinerary if you’re in South Korea during autumn.
One of my favorite photos, mainly because of the splendid background and my cute grandma in the middle. 🙂
It was an extremely beautiful day to be exploring the whole place, and I couldn’t be more thankful that (1) we learned a lot about Korean culture in this place, and (2) our timing (the weather and the autumn foliage) was spot on! 🙂

and to summarize:


*Forgot that this was a jpeg. Link to the transportation info here!

Thanks for reading, and feel free to leave your thoughts/comments/suggestions below! 🙂

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