Autumn in Korea: Garden of the Morning Calm

For our second tour day with Here Korea, we checked out from our hotel in Myeongdong and headed to Gapyeong, for a visit to the Garden of the Morning Calm and Nami Island. We checked out as we will be staying overnight at Sokcho City for visit to Mt. Seorak the day after.

We left Seoul at 9 am, and reached the Garden of the Morning Calm at around 11, because of the unusual traffic caused by road repairs. The garden is the oldest private garden in South Korea, and was conceptualized by a professor who wanted to showcase the concept of Korean beauty through the garden.

Unfortunately for us, it was raining when we arrived at the Garden of the Morning Calm, so we had to wait it out a bit at a cafe inside the garden. Fortunately, though, I was amazed at the views we had from the cafe. It was just an unbelievable background. Coffee here is okay but of course, is more expensive. 😉
I don’t really like group photos in front of signs (HAHA), but I kinda like this one! The colors are too lovely.
The bridge entering the garden. Just look at those colors!
We kept on stopping everywhere to take pictures. The autumn colors were just perfect. 
Everything was just picture perfect, a very good mix of designed and natural landscape. 
Again, the colors! ❤
Too cute!! My grandma loves gardens so it’s actually the perfect place to visit. And it was her 80th birthday that day! 😀

We spent a good two and a half hours here, including our time at the cafe. and I think we could’ve spent more if our guide didn’t stop us. Haha. It was already 2pm when we left for Nami Island, and it was a good thirty minutes away, and we still haven’t had lunch yet at this point.

Anyways, here’s a summary of the need-to-knows for the Garden of the Morning Calm.

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Next post will be about Nami Island! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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