Breathtaking Batanes: South Batan Tour

It’s our third and last day in Batanes, and we are touring the Southern part of Batan island. The sites on our itinerary today are very similar to the ones we saw already: similar in look, but all still breathtaking.

We started out the day at Chawa viewpoint, which is along the highway to South Batan.
Then onwards to see Tayid lighthouse! Note that we had to walk a bit in a short but very muddy path as it was raining.
The views from the lighthouse are just so serene. 
After the lighthouse we went to Racah a Payuman aka Marlboro Country. This is THE place to chill and soak up the Batanes landscape.
There were only a few people visting the place with us, as it was drizzling a bit. I think the place would have been more amazing on a clear day!
Of course, our tour guide suggested the quintessential jump shots!
….and some other shots. Hahaha!
After that we headed to visit the Honesty Store, a store where you take what you need and leave your payment. This is rare everywhere, but is a great testament to the culture of the community here.

Then we visited one of the rock formations, where we saw one of the Blow Ur Horn signs, found only in Batanes. These signs were put up in the American Period, long before texting happened!

Mahatao church. Aside from being a beautiful church, it is where you can find the blank book archive, where you can leave messages on blank pages of hundreds of books. It seems boring but it is actually amazing to read little messages of people who have been here.  

And finally, we visited House of Dakay, one of the oldest surviving stone houses in the island. Take a peek inside the interiors of a legit stone house! There are no entrance fees, but donations are most welcome

That’s is it for our Batanes tour! For the rest of the day, we just went back to the lighthouse from the first day and had snacks and dinner.

Batanes is a truly fantastic place, and I’m saying this even if we didn’t have the best weather conditions. Do check out local travel guides– tourism efforts are coordinated in such a way that many locals make a living. Hopefully I could post a review of our travel agency soon!


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