Review: Disney Explorer’s Lodge at Disneyland Hong Kong

My family and I are visiting HK for this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations, and we decided to stay overnight at Disneyland Explorer’s Lodge.

Getting there

We headed to the resort straight from the airport. We rode a green (New Territories) taxi from HKIA Terminal 1, and it cost us about 125 HKD per taxi. Not bad as there were 8 of us with luggages. The trip took about ten to fifteen minutes only.

After check out you could head back to the city via their shuttle as well, which takes you to the public bus station in front of the resort. As an alternative, you could ride the MTR which is just right beside it.

Visiting the Park

We wanted to rest a bit before heading out to the park, unfortunately no rooms were available yet and so we stowed our luggage at their designated area.

This is a whole room in itself that can be accessed from the entrance of the hotel, and it felt very safe as our luggage had tags and they separated the ones checking in and out.

We rode the shuttle bus to and from the park which took about 5 mins. This shuttle also stops at the other Disneyland hotels.

The room

Ah, we were all too happy. The room looks quite elegant, with all the beautiful disney explorer details. We also loved that the sink was separated from the water closet and the shower, making it easier and faster to get ready for everyone.

There are three complimentary bottles of water, and the toiletries provided are complete, which included the bath soaps/shampoos, slippers, as well as toothbrushes and toothpaste.


There are three choices to choose from, namely, Dragon Wind, World of Colors, and Chart Room Cafe…the last one being the cheapest choice. We had dinner there and food prices are almost the same price as the meals at the park itself (about 120-150 HKD). The meals were satisfying, and it atleast saved us a few dollars per person.

Mickey Waffles for the kids!

Amenities and Activities

Sadly, during our stay, the pool area was closed. The gardens, however, with a view of the harbor, were a cool respite from the chaos at the park. The promenade by the harbor was also super nice.

The promenade connecting the hotels and the park.

The hotel also had activities for the children. My nieces joined several activities, and in one they even went out to the hotel grounds. The activity started out in Dream Spring and they explored out in the gardens. They most definitely enjoyed every activity and got Disney stickers after they finished. (tip: do check out the schedule posted at Dream Spring near the front desk! There are activities all day long for the kids)

There is also a small souvenir shop at the lobby for all your disney-slash- tourist needs! Haha! My sister and I had such a great time looking around. (tip: there are discount coupons in the room!)

Also, note that the hotel also gave a fast pass for each person for the park rides!


I don’t have a point of comparison to other Disneyland hotels yet, but this hotel definitely ranks high in terms of comfort and service, as well as design. The explorer theme is just so so consistent down to the small details like the elevator, the trash cans, the stools and so on. The designers of this hotel must have had so much fun, as we did just walking around.

Although we’re not affected, I also very much appreciate the accessibility of this hotel to the PWD. For example, signs had brail both in English and Chinese, and floors had tactile markers. Coming from the Philippines, this effort is quite remarkable. It’s really the little details that help our PWD not only access the place, but also enjoy it. 🙂

Food, of course, is very expensive, as one would expect judging from the prices at the park itself. Note that there are also no convenience stores around so it pays to have all your needs with you before heading to the hotel.

Anyways, this is my first time in a themed hotel, and I loved how Disney got the explorer theme and went 150% with it, while still maintaining elegance and comfort. It’s definitely more expensive, but with the level of care and detail that went to the hotel’s design and our comfort, then I could say that it’s worth the experience. Would definitely want to go back, and definitely for one more night!

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