Things to do in Hong Kong: Traditional Chinese Painting Class

Confession: my sister and I don’t really take our hobbies seriously. We both like painting but we’ve never (in our adulthood) taken classes or anything of the sort.

But in my quest for unique things to do in Hong Kong, I found this Traditional Chinese Painting Class on Klook, and we booked a lesson online right after the CNY holidays in HK.

Getting there

We got to the studio via tram, as we were coming from Causeway bay. You can get off at Gresson Street, and then walk about 5 mins to Moonstar Court.

Alternatively, you can take the MTR and get off at Admiralty, take exit F and make your way through the tunnel, ride the escalator to the top of Three Pacific Place. Turn left, and you would be in Star St.

Carole Leung’s studio is located at the 8th floor, Flat A. It is quite small but is very cozy and nicely designed for individual or small group lessons. Some of her works are also on display so you know who you’re learning from.

The Workshop

The workshop started with a short background on Chinese painting. Then she proceeded to show us the different tools needed, as well as the kinds of paper and etc.

We started out practicing some lines to get a feel of our brush, then moved on to some strokes we needed to learn for our simple painting.

And progress…

We also practiced on rice paper, which is where we will be doing our final painting.

Here is our final artwork! We added a seal that is usually placed on traditional paintings. However, ours just says Turtle and Joy. Haha!

And that’s it! We’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg that is Chinese painting— it is very short, but this 2-hr lesson is probably one of my best buys from Klook. Carole explained everything very well, and she clearly knows her stuff. The lessons are pretty simple so I think the kids would enjoy it too.

All in all, we had so much fun learning the basics of Chinese painting, that we ended up buying brushes and ink from her as well. Haha! Hopefully, we get somewhere with this this time around. 😂

Have you tried chinese painting or other traditional classes? Do share your experience! 🙂

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