Things to do in Hong Kong: Visit Ngong Ping 360

Ah, the mistakes of our youth.

Don’t let the first line mislead you. Ngong Ping is a wonderful place to visit, except that we made a big mistake.

For some weird reason, after a day of resting from Disneyland, we decided to visit Ngong Ping Village, another one of Hong Kong’s popular tourist spots on the first day of the Chinese New Year Holidays. (cue horror sounds)

We got to the cable car terminal via MTR Tung Chung line. It was only a 3-minute walk from the MTR station. We purchased our tickets again on Klook, and got the Crystal Cabin round trip option, which cost us about HKD 232 per person.

This was perhaps one of the most regretful things about our trip, because it is never ever smart to go to extremely popular places on a holiday. We spent four hours total in queue, even with the special lane for Klook. Our legs and feet were aching when we haven’t even set foot in the village. Moral lesson of the story: if you want to travel for the holidays, try visiting the lesser known attractions, or better yet, go off the beaten path!

The Crystal Cabin

Of course, we were pretty excited when we finally got to ride the crystal cable car. It is quite amazing to see the world down below as we moved, from the streets, to the sea, and to the mountains.

The cable car ride is around 20 minutes long, with breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and parts of the city

It is enjoyable, but in my honest opinion the views are beautiful enough, and the crystal cabin didn’t make much of a difference except for the initial excitement. Might be good for trying out once, but I wouldn’t repeat it to save a few dollars.

At the village square
Ah, here are all the people!
Exploring the village…
My sister and I decided to visit Po Lin Monastery, known as the “big thatched hut” a hundred years ago, and is now a renowned monastery. You could also get vegetarian meals here!
The architecture is just amazing. The details are so intricate and grand.
It was the first day of the lunar new year, and we also got to witness local customs!
I cheated a bit here, cause we didn’t go up here. Pic was taken by my sister who went up 200+ steps.

All in all it was a very nice village to visit, and is worth your while when you’re visiting Hong Kong. However, skip it during the holidays! The very long lines strip all the peacefulness out of the village. Also, you can save some time and money by buying tickets from Klook.

We went back to the station via cable car, which took us about an hour in queue again. It was super tiring, but the views and the monastery are pretty amazing. I’d definitely like to visit again sans all the lines and crowds.

Have you visited Ngong Ping Village? How was your experience? 🙂

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