Day Trip to Villa Escudero

I’ve been meaning to write about this for months now, because it is one of our efforts to go out as one big family again, and we wanted a quick but meaningful getaway.

We chose Villa Escudero  in Quezon because a lot of us in the family have always been interested in going there, and we heard good reviews from our friends. We booked a day tour online. As of writing, rates are at PHP 1450 for adults, PHP 725 for children (i believe these are children below 7 yrs old) , and PHP 1035 for senior citizens. Rates vary per season so it is best to check their website.

We left our place in Caloocan at about 5 am, and reached Villa Escudero at around 10am (we had breakfast and other stops hehe).

The entrance hut (???). Probinsya feels!

Upon arrival we went to this hut to get our tickets. We were given welcome drinks of sago at gulaman as we waited. Stubs are given for your museum tour, carabao rides and lunch buffet.

First order of the day was visiting the Escudero private museum. It is inside a pink church-looking structure. It’s a huge hodge podge of different religious articles, archaeological finds, old maps, and the like from all over the world. No pics allowed inside, but we got our fill of photos outside! haha

Outside there are also several houses that are worth looking at. Love how it really feels like we’re stuck in time.

After the museum tour we had to ride a carabao cart going to the plantations itself. I must say this is personally my favorite part of the day. It was a slooooow ride, but we didn’t mind at all because they serenaded us with good old Filipino songs, which all our parents knew, even my lola! All of us were singing along to beautiful songs, with a good fresh probinsya breeze to complete the experience. 🙂

The first scene to welcome us! Love it already.

We didn’t have to wait that long for the lunch buffet. The “falls” are man-made, by the way, but the idea of dining on water is just so novel that it made the dining experience really fun. The water was cool, and everyone was just happy to experience it. Food was classic pinoy fare, and it was just okay for me. Nothing fantastic, but decent.

Take note, this is what Villa Escudero is known for—dining by the waterfalls. Buuuut unfortunately this wasn’t quite the highlight for me!

After resting for a bit it was swimming time for us! The pool was really clean and beautifully designed for me. Trees surrounded the pool, and on one end you can see the lake and the people on the bamboo rafts.

The kids joined us in the adult pool as the kiddie pool was too cold for them. Also , bring proper swim wear cause they’re kind of strict with this!

It was a very very chill afternoon.
My sister and our cousin went on the bamboo rafts too. 😉

I must share this because I found it extraordinary: the most stressful part of swimming in public pools is always the shower that comes after. But it wasn’t so stressful here because there were a lot of shower stalls so the line was bearable, and the place was CLEAN. Hopefully they’re consistent with this!

We ended the day with another carabao ride back to the main entrance, and I must say that we all enjoyed, and overall it is a good way to chill and unwind sans all the planning because it is a packaged day tour.

Have you been to Villa Escudero? How was your experience?

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