Klook Tour Review: Chasing Cherry Blossoms with Ktourstory

We continued on our cherry blossom trip with a “Chasing Cherry Blossoms tour” by KTOURSTORY, which we booked via Klook again. We were actually expecting to be just touring around places in Seoul’s vicinity, but ended up somewhere in the middle of South Korea, about 2 hours away. This is because we were really too early for blossoms in Seoul.

The tour takes us to three spots where there are blossoms already, and the first place was in MuSim river in ChungCheong-do. It’s my first time hearing of this place, and it is quite a long riverside park lined with cherry blossoms. If it weren’t for the tours, I think this place would not be so frequented by foreign tourists.

We stayed here for a good two or two and a half hours, and had the free gimbap (included in the tour!) for lunch, along with some eats from what looked like a local festival of some sort.

Note, however, that as there are so many tourists and locals alike, there is very little place to rest! But for a chasing cherry blossoms tour, this place pretty much hits the spot as you will be treated to very long roads lined with blossoms. (actually, after this place, I might have been cherry-blossomed-out! if that makes any sense. haha!)

After MuSim river, we headed to Uam Historical Park in Daejeon. Our guide says it’s a sort of a private school for Joseon’s rich kids. It is quite a small but lovely park, and I bet locals enjoy a lot here when there aren’t a lot of tourists.

After going around the park for about an hour, we headed to our last place to visit, KAIST University, also located in Daejeon. KAIST is one of South Korea’s top universities, and it has a huge campus in Daejeon…and apparently, it is also a good spot to see cherry blossoms!

The only sad thing about this part of the tour was that we were made to walk about 30-40 mins to go to a currency museum, which apparently was closed on that day. It was sad because it was a group with mixed ages–from toddlers to seniors. My grandma was exhausted by the time we got on the bus again.

It was a mix of carelessness and weird planning for the tour. We were a group of about 30-40 people crossing a lot of streets. Overall, in terms of safety, I think it wasn’t a good idea to make a big group walk that far.



All in all, if you want to see cherry blossoms in all its glory around different parts of the country, then this is the tour for you. However, be prepared to go with a lot of local and foreign tourists alike. My favorite was Uam Historical Park, as it had less tourists and we were really able to enjoy our time walking around.

Personally, though, I was already contented seeing the pretty blossoms in Jinhae. It was a nice thing, though, to be able to visit the lesser known places around South Korea. 🙂

Total Cost:

Klook tour : Php 2287 or around USD 45. + miscellaneous expenses. Transportation and one roll of gimbap for lunch per person is included. There are no entrance fees for all the places we visited.

Are there other places you’ve visited for cherry blossoms in South Korea? Share them below! 🙂

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