Visiting SG: Universal Studios and Skyline Luge

It’s Universal Studios Day! It was one of the days I was really looking forward to in our SG trip. I’ve always loved theme parks– the smell of caramel popcorn in the air, happy music, the rides, the facades, and especially how everyone around you also looks happy. haha!

Getting there + Breakfast + Tickets

To get to Sentosa, we rode the MRT to Harbourfront. But since we were gearing up for a long day ahead, we decided to have a more affordable but filling breakfast first at Seah Im foodcourt, a hawker centre very near Harbourfront Station Exit A.

After breakfast, we just went back to the station and exited at VivoCity Mall, and made our way up to level 3 where you could buy tickets for the Sentosa Monorail. If I remember correctly it’s only about 4 SGD per person.

For Universal Studios, alight at Waterfront Station, and just followed the signs to Universal Studios. We bought USS tickets again from Klook, and same as in the gardens, you can go straight to the turnstiles with the vouchers on your phone. They only need to scan the barcode.

We were greeted by a very Christmas-y Universal Studios, which made us love the atmosphere even more!

Believe me when I say that is is pretty easy to get sucked in the cuteness of it all and stay for a long time for pictures. But after reading tips from other travellers, we decided to head straight for the rides first.

Transformers: The Ride | Verdict: Good for all ages | exciting | we all exited with grins plastered on our faces
I forgot which roller coaster we rode, but it was a blast!
Verdict: A must-try for the big kids!
Revenge of the Mummy | Verdict : Awesome. Exciting ride, and the themeing is so spot-on with this one | We exited with my niece wanting to go for a second round, and my dad saying #neveragain hahaha!
Rapids Adventure | Verdict: Fun, what you would expect from a rapids ride. | Tip: Yes, the locker and the raincoat was worth it. haha!

We ate lunch at the food court in Jurassic World. As expected, it was a bit more pricey, but all in all it was filling enough. Surprisingly, the lines were pretty short too.

Food choices are quite limited, but this lobster laksa was good. haha. There are also kiddie meals which come in USS lunch boxes. It makes for a nice little souvenir!

Shrek 4-D Adventure: Perfect for a short rest!
Saw these penguins right after we exited the Madagascar Ride! 🙂 Verdict: Super fun for small kids, skippable, but we decided to go for it because there was no line.

And finally we made it back at the entrance of the park! It was already afternoon when we just chilled, drank coffee and took our time taking pictures. 🙂

Skyline Luge

So after some rest, we decided to head out to the Skyline Luge. We rode the monorail again going to Imbiah station, and we took a bus from there. I think it should have been a short walk but it was drizzling and some park staff advised that we could take a bus going straight to Skyline Luge. We purchased tickets via Klook again, except for the kids as we were unsure whether or not they will be permitted to ride alone.

Ah, this was so much fun. There would be a very short training on how to control the luge, and it’s super safe as there are staff at certain stops in the tracks ensuring that you are all going safely. And as long as you meet the height requirement, this is pretty much solid fun for all ages.

But MAN, the skyride going back up was terrifying for me. Terrifying – as in- I’d rather go on 5 rounds of the roller coaster from USS instead of that, as in — I started praying as soon as our feet were off the ground. I would probably never repeat that in my life. haha.

And I conclude this post about our day in Universal Studios with (1) this gif of us and our nieces who still had so much energy at the end of the day! this is how enjoyable it was for them, and (2) this awesome reminder from Sentosa. The world today focuses on the grind, hustling every single minute to make it. And it sometimes extends to kids too! May we find time do nothing but enjoy ourselves. 🙂


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